Bash scripts for Redhat Enterprise Linux and derivatives

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Various system scripts for RedHat 7 based systems These scripts I started working on in CentOS 6 and have since updated to work on CentOS 7 and they might not work on CentOS 6 anymore! Currently making them Fedora compatible I would like to at some point make them compatible with all distros. Doing so would require work as I am mostly RPM based.

It will work on Debian based systems with some modifications.
The packages on debian put exectuables in different locations.

To install

git clone /tmp/system-scripts
rm -Rf /tmp/system-scripts/doc /tmp/system-scripts/ /tmp/system-scripts/LICENSE /tmp/system-scripts/ /tmp/system-scripts/.git /tmp/system-scripts/version.txt  
find /tmp/system-scripts/ -type f -iname ".sh" -exec chmod 755 {} \;  
cp -Rf /tmp/system-scripts/* /  
chmod 644 -Rfv /etc/cron.d/* /etc/logrotate.d/*  
rm -Rf /tmp/system-scripts  

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